Appa, Oppa!
sweet sweat
The Moon Jar


2020 '아빠, 오빠!Appa, Oppa!'/South Korea/07:30/director

2019 '남은 것들Leftover'/South Korea/07:00/director

2018 ‘단 땀sweet sweat’/Estonia, South Korea/06:13/director

Prize for First Flight: Indie-Anifest(South Korea), Best Animated Student Short Film: Imaginaria Film Festival(Italy), Second Prize: Mecal Pro Barcelona International Short and Animation Festival(Spain), Special Mention: Balkanima(Serbia)

2015 ‘후추Hootchu’/South Korea/00:38/director

Best Animated Short Film: Toronto Arthouse Film Festival(Canada), NYFW Best 60 Seconds Film: New York Film Week (USA), Best of Fest: 2016 Animation Nights New York (USA), Best Film Animation: 12th One Minute Film Festival (Switzerland)

2014 ‘MIMIMI’/USA, South Korea/00:46/director

MFA Medal Award Silent Auction(USA)

2013 ‘달 항아리The Moon Jar’/USA, South Korea/00:52/director



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